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“Swadharma “ is one’s own path of duty. One should study & analyze his.attitudes. to be of high quality, since client is conscious of it To impart self health management by acquiring Antharanga yoga is a scientific process to bring out latest talents in the young boys & girls.
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Swadharma Yoga

One day Dr. C. V. Rao was listening to the Bhagwad Geetha (3.35) when he came across the above verse. Suddenly the idea of “ Swadharma ” flashed in his mind. He knew he had found the answer to his quest and he created “ Swadharma Yoga ” Simply put, it means follow your own path. Dr. C. V. Rao saw this as the answer for many of obstacles in the modern society, but also to lead a purposefull life.

Why we are not happy with our jobs ?

  • Now a days most people choose a profession which has been decided for them by their parents or peers or which is said to be well-paying.
  • Although they work, there is no job satisfaction, no passion and love for their work.
  • People who don’t love their work, get tired easily of the work.
  • Their productivity and creativity suffers.
  • They see work as a means to earn a living and nothing more.
  • When they retire, they are left with a feeling of emptiness, as if they wasted their entire youth, instead of pursuing their dreams.

The Meaning of Swadharma

Dr. C. V. Rao says – “ We are all born with certain interests and talents. God has put each one of us on earth for a unique purpose. ” It is our duty to find that purpose, find out what we are truly interested in, even if we feel that we might be or not a materialistic success.

How to Transform into Swadharma ?

  • Initially give only 10 percent of your time to swadharma. Increase it slowly to 20, 30, then 40-50 percent. It may take 3-4 yrs or less.
  • Automatically, positive changes will start happening around you. Contacts, work and money will start flowering & get prosperity.
  • Increase the time slowly to 90 and then to 100 percent. Get established fully in the work you love!
  • Practicing swadharma will bring true contentment and meaning to your life.

This is the meaning of Swadharma – following one’s own dharma. " BENEFITS of SWADHARMA YOGA "

  • When we do what we love, we do it with total involvement and enthusiasm. We are willing to work hard, so success will follow naturally.
  • This is the best way to live because we will be very productive, have a high degree of self-satisfaction and hence make meaningful contribution to society.
  • If everyone follows their own dharma then our society will be full of highly creative and enterprising people in all fields!
  • It is the best service to the nation.

“ How to Transform into Swadharma ” from present condition ?

  • Look within, analyse your path and goals. Ask yourself if you are doing what your heart truly desires ?
  • Do not pressure your children to pursue careers chosen by you. Give them the freedom to discover what they are really interested in. Give them all the support and encouragement to pursue their dreams.
  • Practice specific Yogasanas and Pranayama Dhyana to calm your mind and give you the strength to follow your dreams

It is never too late to begin!

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